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Our Mission Statement!

 Skull & Thistle Pirates Mission Statement!

 Skull and Thistle Pirates, As a reenacting group, was first formed in the summer of 2006, Originally our group was composed of neophytes  & Renaissance faire goers.

But the original members have since gone their own way and on to other interests. Our group is presently composed of experienced pirate reenactors , Portraying different National origins (Scottish, Irish, British, Asian, ect.  As an experienced group, most of our members are not Caribbean pirates ,(West Indies) we have decided to portray pirates that roam the East Indian continent and most everything in between. (China, Japan, ect. ) Our love of history combined with a theatrical approach ,has lead our  pirates to become mainly smugglers, sailors, pirates, spies for the french and so on. It is important to note that we strive for a blending of theatrical and semi-accurate portrayal of such pirates .If you find this approach to piracy appealing , Then we are the pirates you’re looking for, If you are interested in learning more about our  group ,please continue on ...



We Are Pirates For Hire! 

What do we do you might ask? Pirate type entertainment/reenacting we do events, promotions, demonstrations. fairs and festivals. we are a crew looking to entertain your crew! what do we charge, we don't,

(we're a fun loving volunteer pirate group!)

Captain Youngblood gettin ready to teach swashbucling..


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